"Body Thrive is not about magical elixirs or expensive superfoods. The force that will mold, sculpt and shape your body and how you age is habit. Maybe habit doesn't sound enticing. Maybe dread quietly appears when you hear the word habit. I've seen enough people get their mojo back after years of struggle to know one thing for sure: the habits you choose over time create your day-to-day thrive."
--Cate Stillman, Body Thrive

I used to be a person who dreaded habit and routines...and yet if we keep doing the same thing we can't be surprised when we get the same results. Which is why I love leading this course. I look forward to sharing small pivots and transformational tips with you over the next 12 weeks.

Will your current habits beget the future body you desire to live in? 

Next Course starts in September 2018! 

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